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All The Features You Need

Customized Aesthetics

Universal Lifts offers the flexibility to tailor the elevator cab's appearance on-site, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with the interior design of any home. Whether it's a specific wood finish, stainless steel, or a unique pattern, the on-site customization allows homeowners to match their elevator to their exact d├ęcor, fostering a cohesive look throughout the residence.

Unrivaled Safety Standards

Universal Lifts prides itself on industry-leading weight safety ratings, setting the standard for reliability and security. Comparing with competitors, customers will discover that few can match or surpass the 950lb weight capacity, assuring users of the robustness and safety of their lift systems.

Adaptive Programming

The elevator systems from Universal Lifts offer a unique feature that allows users to program the lift to park at a designated level, typically above potential water damage zones. This functionality is especially advantageous for vacation homes or properties located in flood-prone areas, ensuring that the elevator is consistently parked at a safe level, mitigating the risk of water damage during periods of non-use or in the event of unexpected water-related incidents.