The stairlift your grandfather would have built

American Made. American Tested. American Guaranteed.

We haven't sold out like other "online manufacturers"

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Always showing, not telling you, how we are American-Made.

Universal STAIRLIFT is a Tennessee-shipped product your grandfather would have made, and your grandmother would have ridden without hesitation.

Our Universal Lift team of engineers, veteran stairlift designers and hands-on makers build in Missouri, and ship from Tennessee.  We employ American workers, United States veterans and have an on-point customer service department making quality goods with a quality ride.

Universal Lift is manufactured, built, assembled and tested in America, from raw materials to our finished product - Guaranteed. Not just American made steel - even the electronics and control boards are made and programmed in the Kansas City area.

We employ Veterans.
We employ mothers.
We employ fathers.
We create jobs.

Universal Lift is built tough. We designed the Universal Lift to last - the way things used to be made. Solid. Without Fake Warranties and extended hype. It’s the Easiest stairlift on the market to Install. Our drivetrain and control board come with a "No Questions Asked" Lifetime Warranty.

Universal Lift is incredibly safe, and not just for you - but for the kids and grandkids too. Universal Lift comes standard with three built- in safety mechanisms, including a weight sensor on the seat AND another weight sensor on the footpan. Our over forty years of experience in the lifting business taught us what not to do and what not to leave off. SAFETY-FIRST is our creed.

Industry Leading Safety

  • Seat Sensor

    Seat must be folded down and locked into position.

  • Rack & Pinion Safety

    Gear drive safety mechanism cannot move without motor. Zero possibility for slipping.

  • Battery Backup

    On-board backup battery runs 20+ trips on a single charge when the power is out. 

  • Kid Proof

    Footpan folds out of the way and requires weighted pressure to run without remote.

Universal Lift Reviews

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

This is a wonderful stairlift. They have come a long way since my parents bought one many years ago. It is very comfortable and good looking. The customer service is top notch. My son and husband installed it. Whenever they had a question, the men in customer service were extremely helpful.

I give the price, service staff and product 5 stars.

Our Universal Lift arrived in a timely manner. The price is very good. It comes with 2 remote controls. It works great.

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All The Features You Didn't Know You Needed

Wireless Remote

Easily call the Universal Lift from the top or bottom. (Or send the laundry basket up.)

350lb Capacity

Check competitors - You'll find few who can match our weight safety ratings

Folds Flat to Wall

Seat and Foot pan fold up to within 12 inches of the wall, so using the stairs is still easy