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Home Elevator Package

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Universal Lifts is the first company to offer factory direct, American Made home elevator kits shipped to Homeowners and Builders.

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How It Works:

  1. Purchase your Home Elevator Package from Universal Lifts and save thousands over small retailers by buying direct.
  2. Have your local Contractor (or yourself) build out the elevator shaft in your home per our specifications. (Have questions, book a virtual home assessment with one of our master technicians.)
  3. We'll ship the elevator package straight to your job site
  4. You (or your Contractor) have a local Elevator Installation Company install your elevator without waiting months for the big national companies to get you on their schedule.

    If you don't have a local elevator installation company, we can give you a list of certified installers in your region. (How much will my installation cost?)

    What's Included:

    Package Includes:

    • (1) Sling
    • (1) Pedestal Pipe
    • (1) 2 or 3 stop parts box
    • (1) 2/3 stop pumping unit
    • (Up to 7) Rails
    • (Up to 6) Fishplates and Hardware bags
    • (1) Hydraulic jack
    • (1) Controller
    • (1) Battery Backup
    • (1) Selector Head
    • (1) Selector Mounting Kit
    • (1) Communication Cable - 6ft
    • (1) Cartop Box
    • (1) Final Limit Switch
    • (2-3) Magnet sets
    • (Up to 35') Selector Tape
    • (1) 2 or 3 stop SS COP w/Call Stations, phone
    • (2-3) LH or RH interlocks
    • (Up to 55') TCJC27 Travel Cable

    Does NOT INCLUDE (These items are provided by your installation company and should be included in their installation quote.):

    • Cab Materials (wood, hardware, etc)
    • Door Lock Wire
    • Gate, Gate Switch, Gate Sill
    • Bracket Lags / Anchors
    • Hydraulic lines and fittings
    • Electrical fittings/supply
    • Hydraulic Oil

      Our team will contact you after purchasing with shipping options. You (or your elevator installation company) can pick up your elevator from one of our convenient warehouses (lowest cost), or you can use your own freight broker to schedule a pick-up/delivery, or we can get freight quotes directly for you.

      Have more questions about buying a Home Elevator Package direct?

      Please contact our sales team by phone or text at 512-626-0219

      Is our Home Elevator Package too expensive for your budget, but still looking for an in-home mobility solution? Check out our self-installed Universal Lifts stairlift for only $2,295.

    Premium Features

    • Home Park

      Elevator returns to a pre-determined floor after use.

    • Wheelchair Accessible

      Elevator cab can be built to fit a standard wheelchair and another
      person (Cab size varies by actual elevator hoistway dimensions, please book a virtual home assessment if you have specific cab size requirements.)

    • 950lb Capacity

      Multiple people can ride together, no need to take additional trips.

    • Easy Install

      Our 2 and 3 stop home elevators install quickly and easily. Most
      certified Elevator Installation Company's can install our elevator
      package in under two days.

    • Low Noise

      Our Home Elevator Package utilizes the highest quality hydraulic technology and design for low-decibel operation, compared to other hydraulic and cable actuated (traction) systems.

    • Safety First

      Our products are built with the highest level of safety standards in mind to keep our customers safe.

    Virtual Home Assessment

    Not sure if an Elevator can work in your home? Have questions about building out your elevator shaft to meet our specifications? Want a more precise Home Elevator Package installation cost estimate? Book a $99 Virtual Home Assessment.

    One of our Master Home Elevator Technicians will virtually walk through your home with you (or your contractor) and plan a stacked home elevator shaft design that will save you time and money during construction

    Site Readiness Inspection

    Once your elevator shaft construction is complete, electrical requirements are in place, and you are preparing for installation of your Home Elevator Package, its time to book a Site Readiness Inspection.

    Our Master Home Elevator Technician will review your preparations in detail with you, going step-by-step through every pre-installation requirement and ensuring that your home is 100% ready for final installation.

    Our Site Readiness Inspection is designed to make sure that you have a smooth enjoyable installation process and avoid costly trip fees from your local Home Elevator Installation Company.

    *** (1) Site Readiness Inspection comes FREE with your Home Elevator Package Purchase!