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The Universal Stairlift

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  • 3 Safety Mechanisms
  • Wireless Remote
  • 350lb Capacity
  • Folds up flat to wall - easy to still use the stairs!
  • Installs on either Left or Right side of stairs
  • Comes with 15 Feet of Track - Plenty for typical one-floor installations
  • Power Cord plugs directly into your regular AC outlet - NO Wiring required
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery Backup- runs up/down 20+ times if power is out

Safety Features

Industry Leading Safety

  • Seat Sensor

    Seat must be folded down and locked into position.

  • Rack & Pinion Safety

    Gear drive safety mechanism cannot move without motor. Zero possibility for slipping.

  • Battery Backup

    On-board backup battery runs 20+ trips on a single charge when the power is out.

  • Kid Proof

    Footpan folds out of the way and requires weighted pressure to run without remote.

Technical specifications

  • Wireless Remote

    Easily call the Universal Lift from the top or bottom. (Or send the laundry basket up.)

  • 350lb Capacity

    Check competitors - You'll find few who can match our weight safety ratings

  • Folds Flat to Wall

    Seat and Foot pan fold up to within 12 inches of the wall, so using the stairs is still easy

  • 15 Feet of Track

    Comes with 15 Feet of Track - Plenty for typical one-floor installations. Extra Track Available for Purchase